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COVID-19 has likely changed some aspects of our lives permanently. It's during difficult times that leadership is tested. Unfortunately for Wisconsinites our GOP legislative leadership did not answer the call and they've failed us. As a result we have record high cases and deaths, and our economy is even farther behind on recovery. If we elect the same people, we're going to get the same unacceptable results. 

First and foremost we have to get control of this disease. Each and every one of us needs to take this seriously and put into action what the experts tell us will lower the cases. We must be diligent in wearing masks, social distancing has to be normalized and sanitation a priority. In the interim, economically our government must act to keep the bottom from completely falling into a state-wide depression. Relief packages have to be collaborated on to ensure people don't lose their homes, go into mountains of debt, avoid eviction and can put food on the table. 

Wisconsinites want and deserve their government and elected leaders to be there for them when tragedy occurs. Government action can both rid the state of COVID-19 and sustain the economy by focusing on consumer spending and confidence. We must keep Wisconsin dollars in Wisconsin to help small businesses and retain our workforce. The days of cutting taxes have resulted in a shortfall of services that our taxpayers deserve. This is a fundamental difference between my vision for how to solve this crisis and that of my opponent who has not worked in over 6 months. He has collected a paycheck every month while the majority of us have suffered. That is not leadership, it's insubordination at best. 

District 97 has long had representatives that don't serve the will of all people. When I'm elected, everyone gets a representative, not just one party's elite. We should expect our elected leaders to be able to answer the call when crisis hits. My opponent has failed that test. I will answer the call, put party politics aside and do what is best for all people. I'll prove my leadership. 



Perry for Wisconsin, Aaron Perry Treasurer
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