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Most of us knew 2020 was going to be a defining time for America. I hope everyone is being safe during these difficult times.

I’m Aaron Perry, the Democrat running for state assembly in the 97th district against Scott Allen. This November we have some very important voting decisions to make. There are more than just names on the ballot. For far too long we’ve allowed partisan divide and obstructionism to rule over us.

The Trump Republicans in Wisconsin have chosen party over Country, power instead of people and complacency over collaboration.

I have 3 amazing kids, all of whom attend public school. I see firsthand the need in our classrooms and how educators and parents are left picking up the tab for what the state’s budget doesn’t pay for.

Wisconsin is long overdue to legalize medical cannabis and with proper regulation legalize recreational use. Medical use is a health care decision that provides quality of life for those suffering and aids in lessening our state’s addiction problem. Recreational use, when regulated properly, will only help our state recover from a damaged economy. These options must be on the table.

These are just a few of the many issues that the next generation of state leadership must tackle and, in some cases, fundamentally change. The current majority has had their opportunities time and again to get it right. And they haven’t. So time’s up. But it’s going to take more than just me. We need to elect our new future this November. We must stand up, speak out and vote.

This campaign will be different than what we’re used to. Due to COVID19 it will largely be done in a virtual setting. I’m prepared for that. I’ll announce soon the plans for getting nomination signatures but I highly encourage you to be a part of the campaign through visiting, and follow the campaign on the social media platforms of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and even Tiktoc. You can search @perryforwi in each one.

We have serious work to do but life should also be fun. Through this campaign I want voters to have the opportunity to get to know me, so some of the content will be lighthearted as well. I’ll do virtual town halls, videos, and post plenty of my vision for what we can do in Wisconsin.

Lastly, I want to make something very clear. I’m going to promise you something that my opponent won’t. And something he certainly has failed to do the past 6 years. If you vote for me or if you don’t, if you donate to me or if you don’t, whether you criticize me or praise me, I will equally represent everyone. Period.

And every day I have the honor to represent you in the assembly, I may have to be 6 feet away. But I’ll always have your back.

Have a great day, we’ll talk soon!

Perry for Wisconsin, Aaron Perry Treasurer
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